1. Will the Karolyn Blume program really work for me?

Yes! Everyone who has used the techniques of the program has achieved a happier, less-stressful, more rewarding life. There are no guarantees; each person’s results are based on where they start and their individual desire and commitment. Some results have been modest, yet many have been so remarkable that clients surprised themselves. Your results are based on where you are now, where you want to go, and whether you are willing to do the work.


Many of Karolyn’s clients begin with the areas that cause the most discomfort such as improving relationships, finding their life’s purpose, or living a happier life. After achieving results in those areas, some move on to explore other aspects or opportunities, and some simply enjoy the new life they’ve created. Either way, the choice is always yours. Karolyn’s purpose is compassionate service, and commitment to your growth and well-being.

2. What can I expect from working with Karolyn?

The results have been extraordinary! No matter which program you choose, from the introductory level once-per-month call to the intensive one-on-one mentoring, you will receive sound strategies to discover where you are now so you can figure out specifically where you want to go. Karolyn will help you create a roadmap to your best life.

You will learn the tools to improve relationships with yourself and others, find your true life purpose and dedicate your life to it, and find joy and gratitude in your daily life. The essence of all of these transformations is the same – to look at your life through a different lens. Karolyn can empower you to get to where you have only dreamed of in the past.

3. How does the program work?

Much of the pain you experience every day is optional – there is no need to suffer or struggle all the time. By simply changing your perspective, dramatic changes can occur.

Karolyn provides the how, and you bring the what and the why. With a proven program and expert guidance, you will be able to look at your situation objectively and gain greater clarity on what your best life could be. Once you can see it, Karolyn’s techniques, strategies, and specific, actionable advice will help you attain it.

4. How long does this transformation take?

Typically, you will see results in very little time, although it is impossible to give an exact answer because everyone’s journey is different. Some of Karolyn’s strategies can dramatically change your perspective immediately.

Your plan is custom designed specifically for you, your needs and what you want to accomplish. Therefore, the time commitment will vary according to where you are, where you want to go, and how motivated you are to get there. Many people see their situation improve immediately. Karolyn can better guide you on which program will be most beneficial to you on your private assessment call.

5. How does the program help me improve my relationships?

We see others through the lens that was created over a lifetime of relationships with people. First our families, then friends, teachers, colleagues, lovers, and children all affect our perception of people. How often do we project our experience with a former lover onto the current one?

The greatest gift you can give another person is seeing him or her clearly for who they are. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?   In reality, it rarely happens. If you felt abandoned by parents or others, you transfer those fears of abandonment onto people in your life now. Learning to be less judgmental and more open to new possibilities are ways to improve your existing and future relationships in both your personal and professional life.

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