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If you’ve ever felt buried in an endless to-do list, or so busy that you can’t even find your to-do list, you know overwhelm. Overwhelm sucks all the joy out of your days, keeps you stressed out, worried, and feeling behind. It’s become a way of life. Attorney and consultant Karloyn Vreeland Blume shares her time-tested tools for eliminating overwhelm and perfectionism, served up with a dash of laughter. When you finish this book, you’ll have renewed confidence in your ability to not only cope the demands of your busy life, but to master them. A must- read for anyone who is in overwhelm and desperately seeks a usable solution. ~Kathleen Gage, author of Power Up for Profits


  • Eat the Elephant is an overwhelmingly obvious book everyone needs to read because we all face overwhelm in our lives and many of us do every day. Karolyn Blume gives you real-life, practical, easy-to-use strategies to increase your productivity in a stress-free way that you can use today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. Eat the Elephant is a well-written, fun read, done in a no-nonsense manner you’ll love... And, be sure to read the preface!

    Diane Conklin
    Diane Conklin President/Founder/
  • As a long time career coach, I’ve seen how the hunger for achievement and success can easily devolve into lack of clarity and overwhelm. Eat the Elephant is a long overdue wake-up call about the insidious effects of overwhelm and a relief-giving method for overcoming it. Written from a basis of experience and empathy, this book will make a difference in your life.

    Dawn Lennon
    Dawn LennonAuthor of Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed—Your Way
  • Overwhelm grabs us all by the throat and drags us down in these fast-paced days. Eat the Elephant is an excellent, actionable guide to subduing that relentless attacker and reducing the insidious pressures of modern life.

    Lynn Jordan
    Lynn JordanPublishing and promotion consultant/
  • A lawyer who is as witty as she is wise... yeah, really. Eat the Elephant instantly transforms your relationship with overwhelm in your life or business with humor and compassion. “Overwhelm as messy thoughts, not messy circumstances” immediately tells you that this is much more than “clearing your clutter,” it’s opening your life to have more of what you want, easily... and now.

    Chris Makell
    Chris Makell“Courage In Business” speaker and author of A Smack Upside the Head and Courage Is the New GREEN /
  • Eat the Elephant was exactly what I was looking for! Nothing is more overwhelming than receiving a traumatic diagnosis. Understanding that there are tools and strategies to help unravel the overwhelm, not only in regards to a serious illness, but overwhelm that occurs in everyday life, is the first and most important step in preserving our own personal health. I recommend all my clients incorporate the tools presented in Eat the Elephant to ensure the best results on their journey to regain and maintain great health.

    Marika Hamilton
    Marika HamiltonFounder of Dealing with Healing /
  • Eat the Elephant – only Karolyn could take this topic and bring it to life. With her humor and no-nonsense approach to life’s situations, she is able to hit the target squarely and make you wonder why you weren’t able to see it before.

    Sally M. Handlon
    Sally M. HandlonPresident / Handlon Business Resources LLC
  • Eat the Elephant provides the needed tool set to help achieve personal and professional success. Setting measurable goals is a learned skill set and an invaluable tool, however the information presented in Eat the Elephant is the secret weapon to attaining maximum results while mitigating the stress and overwhelm that accompany today’s busy life. This is a must read for any business owner looking to develop leaders from within.

    Brian Meeks
    Brian MeeksPresident / Out to Lunch, Inc.
  • For some years now I have postponed a major personal undertaking because, truthfully, it is so overwhelming that I get anxious and depressed just thinking about it let alone having the willpower and desire to tackle it. With the tips and lifestyle changes offered in Eat the Elephant, I am now on my path. I feel I have a “roadmap” to help me on my way to better manage my life, take on challenges and still keep me on an even keel.

    Joan M. Juliano
    Joan M. JulianoSenior Registered Client Associate
  • Eat the Elephant is an enjoyable read that offers a wealth of great suggestions and exercises. Written with humor and clarity, this book walks you through how to rid yourself of procrastination, perfectionism, and many other plagues of the modern world. You can read this book quickly, and you’ll get helpful nuggets; if you choose to go through it slowly, it has the potential for lasting transformation. Altogether a marvelous contribution to the literature designed to make our lives better!

    Pamela Bruner
    Pamela BrunerBusiness coach / Author of Tapping into Ultimate Success
  • In Eat the Elephant: Overcoming Overwhelm Karolyn Vreeland Blume, like a good friend, offers personal stories, tough love and practical advice – all with a sense of humor that is contagious. Eat the Elephant will show you the benefit of taking a compassionate approach to your overwhelm tendencies so you are better able to transform them.

    Louise Phipps Senft
    Louise Phipps SenftAuthor of Being Relational: The Seven Ways and co-founder of ORANS: a social movement for relational living.
  • Anyone who is living in 2015 can and will identify with Eat the Elephant and its core messages. The trick is we all need to adapt the solutions! Refreshing in her no-nonsense approach and humorous writing style, Karolyn Vreeland Blume delivers sound advice for anyone and everyone without burying the reader in a morass of studies and statistics. This book is not just fun to read – it is a must read for people who want to find a path and make a plan that allows them to take each day, each task, each challenge apart and step out of the world of overwhelm.

    Nancy Van Duyne
    Nancy Van DuyneVice President / Congressional Affairs
  • Karolyn Blume is a remarkable woman and shares her insights and knowledge with us in a frank and compassionate voice. She leads each reader on the path out of the chaos that being overwhelmed produces and assists in the move from anxiety to inner peace and self-understanding. If you are like me and get overwhelmed easily, this book is for you. Nan Waller Burnett, MA , transformative, high conflict mediator, psychotherapist, conflict systems design consultant, conflict coach, author of a daily spiritual practice book entitled Calm in the Face of the Storm: Spiritual Daily Practice for the Peacemaker, and winner of a National Independent Book Publishers Award for spirituality and inspiration. Karolyn Blume shines a spotlight on the elephant in the room but she doesn’t leave us alone with it. With this book, based on her knowledge, experience and good old common sense, she can help anyone overcome the overwhelm and take back their life. I found her tips and ideas practical and straightforward while her sense of humor made it feel like a trusted friend was in the room with me. I’m recommending Eat the Elephant to my clients but they’ll have to buy their own. My personal copy is staying close by just in case that elephant tries to edge its way back into my life.

    AprilleJanesBolder Business Coach /
  • In elegant and practical language, Karolyn Blume describes what it’s like to succumb to overwhelm – but she also offers a viable and “doable” path to clarity and peace. If you struggle with overwhelm and stress, this book will move you, once and for all, beyond resistance and procrastination toward the life you’ve always dreamed about. It’s possible, and Karolyn is an excellent guide.

    Michele Woodward
    Michele WoodwardAuthor and executive coach /
  • Karolyn Vreeland Blume tells it like it is. She’s been there, done that, and found her way through the morass. The insights, experience and resources she shares comfort sufferers of overwhelm and pave the way to relief. Karolyn is funny, compassionate, straight forward, and entertaining. You will love her after the first “bite” of Eat the Elephant!

    Maureen Fahey Knutson
    Maureen Fahey KnutsonFounder and CEO / Fireworks Transformations
  • Entertaining, poignant and informative only begin to describe author Karolyn Blume’s message in Eat the Elephant: Overcoming Overwhelm. From the first page to the last, Karolyn keeps readers engaged with practical information. Throughout the book she shares stories to make important points; stories that are memorable and touching. Pulling from her own experiences, Karolyn shows exactly how to overcome overwhelm while actually enjoying the process. This book is a must read for anyone who is in overwhelm and desperately seeks a usable solution. Two thumbs up!

    Kathleen Gage
    Kathleen GageBusiness consultant / Power Up for Profits


Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 The Big “O”
Chapter 3 Defining Who You Are
Chapter 4 Where Are You Going?
Chapter 5 Saboteurs
Chapter 6 The Past Is Prologue
Chapter 7 Whirling Dervish
Chapter 8 Help, I’ve Fallen
Chapter 9 Get Yourself Up
Chapter 10 Fear
Chapter 11 Resistance
Chapter 12 Procrastination: The Disease of Dishonesty
Chapter 13 Accountability and Action
Chapter 14 Perfectionism: Don’t Should on Yourself
Chapter 15 Good Enough Is Good Enough
Chapter 16 Time’s A-Wastin’: Eat Your Elephant Now
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